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·                   Thursday 06/07/12 08:10 - Mike Shannon, Gadsden Chamber of Commerce, Riverfest

·                   Thursday 06/07/12 08:40 - Dr. Mike McClellan, McClellan Chiropractic, "Doc Out of the Box"


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·       Pleasure Treasures was raided for synthetic marijuana (Lisa Rogers, Gadsden Times)


National News

·                   Al Sharpton cries ‘voter suppression’ in Wisconsin recall results (Daily Caller)

·                   Unions are driving a wedge between Democrats (Washington Post)

·                   Barney Frank: Dems, unions made 'big mistake' in pushing for Wisconsin recall (The Hill)


·                   Zimmerman gets new bond hearing for June 29 (CBS) (MSNBC)


·                   FaceBook:

·                   Facebook is making a phone (CNN) (last week)

·                   Facebook plans to let children join (Fox) (Tuesday)

·                   FaceBook Stock Watch (WSJ) (Yahoo)





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Upcoming Guests


·                   Friday 06/08/12 08:10 Dr. Billy C. Hawkins, President of Talladega College. See comments.

·                   Friday 06/08/12 08:40 - Kay Moore, DGI